Time to show who is the king with Magic Rush Heroes

magic rush heroes

Every new day arises with a new game launched in the gaming arena. Nowadays players prefer to play the game that is both strategic and provides them with the reward of being the best player. In the crowd of all such games, a game that will get your attention in the very first glance is the Magic Rush Heroes.

With the highly developed graphics and an exciting gameplay, it is one of the best games you can play.

Magic Rush Heroes a walkthrough

You will be presented with a wide range of heroes that you have to summon and collect in order to make the army of your kingdom strong. Upgrade your heroes to make them stronger as they are your first line of defense against the enemies. Not just the characters, you also have to upgrade their rune gears, skills, and statistics to have a better impact on the rivals.

If you want to dominate every campaign, arena and war then make your army the strongest and help them to get their comrades back from the rival’s nations.


The game is very simple and unique to control. You have to take care that you pass through every obstacle and dungeon effectively to earn the points to upgrade your heroes. As the game is available online so you can easily play it on any platform whether it is your laptop or Smartphone.

 Strategies to be the best

If you want to be the best player of the Magic Rush Heroes Trucchi then the given amazing strategies will take you to the new level of success in the game.

Find runes:

Each level you accomplish will upgrade your hero but that is not enough. You have to be the best and to make that happen you should look for runes. They will not only upgrade your hero but also make him learn a new skill that will be beneficial for you during the combat round.

Revisit the low rated levels:

The levels in which you have not scored very well revisit them. It will help you to earn more runes and points and it will enhance your experience. By doing this you will also get the chance to earn the elixir.

Connect to facebook:

Connecting your game to facebook will help you earn many rewards and not only that you will get a chance to share the stamina among your friends. You will get special rewards on summoning a new hero as well.

Special tasks:

Complete the special tasks with such accuracy that all the damage are done to the opponent side. You will get to choose a team of five heroes, so wisely make your selection such that each member has different and special qualities.

Achievement and quests:

Complete as many achievements and quests as you can. It will provide your heroes with a boost that can be used in the main levels.

Therefore, it is time to dig your teeth into Magic Rush Heroes, as it will be the best companion of your spare time.


Protecting Your Phone When Downloading Android Games and Apps

dream league soccer

Android applications and games are widely known and fans continue searching for the most recent and most fascinating games like Dream League Soccer or applications (like a mobile dictionary) to download on their mobile devices. More often, to appreciate the exciting universe of games, Dream League Soccer for example, and applications, you require an APK or Android application package, which is what the file format which the operating system of Android uses to install and also distribute software particularly the applications or games. Your APK downloader source ought to be trustworthy and verified for you to have a wonderful downloading experience; however, there are other easy things you can grasp to ensure that your mobile device stays safe from malware while downloading your games or apps.

1. Avoid Unknown Sources

Google Play is the best source of installation with regards to the android applications, however despite everything, you have an alternative of getting them from other dependable sources. You can see Google Play APK effortlessly today, however you should be watchful with the APK file which you download, you don’t want to end up with malware on your precious mobile device. Take your time to be sure that the source is protected and ensure that you disable unknown installations sources on your device until when you are confident of the integrity of a download source.

2. Pay Attention to the Rating of the Apps or Game

Because the games and applications are on Google Play does not as a matter of fact make them alright to download. Continuously try checking ratings and reviews of the android games and applications you are going to download on the grounds that they can be an eye-opener for you on the issues you are likely to face. An android game like Dream League Soccer for example is one of the best reviewed and highly-rated games you can find. This is more comforting than having to hope that a 2-star rated game will be malware-free. Basically, when ratings are high and downloads are much, the more secure it is expected to be for you.

3. Check the Game or App Details

Developers and publishers’ details of the game or apps you are going to download can help you decide how valid they are. You can utilize genuine reviews and discussion forums to get the points of interest you require, so that you’ll be able to affirm that what you are going to download is the right game or application. Dream League Soccer game is a product of First Touch Games; it becomes suspicious therefore if the detail you see is Eight Shift Inc. for example or some funny names. Malware writers effortlessly create applications that are fundamentally the same as the well-known ones, so ensure that you take as much time as is needed to check that the details of the publisher and app developer’s name are right before you go ahead.

4. Be Careful of the Permissions You Give

At the point when installing a new game or application, you get a rundown of permissions that you allow the software. Sadly, relatively few users comprehend or take any time to consider what permissions they concede. Take proper caution by evaluating permissions and reasons why they are required, this way, you know if they are suspicious or if they have a legitimate reason. In the event that what you are permitting the software to do is suspicious then don’t allow the permission.

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Appnana Hack

Playing Dragon Mania Legends

dragon mania gameplay


If you own an android phone or an iPhone and you don’t play dragon mania legends, then you definitely need to rethink whether you are using your phone the right way or not. This game was initially launched for IOs and android in the beginning of 2015 but later it was also available for Windows Phone and Windows 8. It is a dragon raising combat game in which you start with one dragon but ultimately you can start increasing the number of dragons by building more habitats and feeding starter units. The dragons can be upgraded over time by feeding them. What also became very popular is the dragon mania legends hack tool. The process of producing feed for your dragon, breeding them, and other tasks take time but they can be accelerated by using premium currency you earn by going to the next level. If you are interested in playing dragon mania legends, then here are some useful tips that can help you play this game easily:

  1. Plan First and Then Start Building

If you have played dragon mania legend before, then you would know that you start with only one island at Dragonlandia. You require equipment and accessories like the clear brush which will help you build habitats to breed your dragons. In addition to this, the dragons help you collect gold from where you buy new items and build new shelters. You need to be careful and plan how you can focus on how to build things first. It is important to plan because this helps you achieve your desired layouts without much effort.

  1. Focus on the Gold

The game is absolutely free but you do get extra giveaways in exchange of gems. These gems are given in return for real money. The gems are used to build up new habitats and speed up the process of feeding the dragons. However, gold is the major attraction which helps you build new habitats so you need to focus on the gold collection. You need to note the rate of replenishment of your dragons so as to know which type of dragon you need. This will help you level up your dragons as soon as you want.

  1. Attack and Defense are both Important

The rule of the game is to focus on the attack but the best way to do so is to also be careful about the defense. You will get a lot of rewards which increase your attack capability whereas there are also a number of defense rewards that help increase your defense abilities. Being defensive doesn’t sound very daring but it actually is very helpful to lift up your game and makes winning easier. Thus, both attack and defense help you improve your game.

  1. Game Notifications are Useful

The notifications always seem very annoying and you often leave them unnoticed. However, these notifications help inform you about the different items that are unlocked daily. This might be very useful because they can give you items that will help you get items that are otherwise difficult to achieve.

Also check out this video to get a better understanding of it: